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Unit 8 Transcription Key

     77.  Reading and Dictation Practice
            Dear Sir: It is the belief of the men in our business that owing
            to the heavy losses in income, it will become
            necessary for the company to get more capital very soon if it is to keep
            going.  In my opinion, an error was made in not
            floating the loan that was thought necessary a month
            ago.  I was very much in favor of it as you know but it is
            rather too late at this time to deal with the people you then
            saw in regard to it.

            The above-mentioned subject is of first
            importance and I want you to collect and put in
            one-to-three order all the data that you think are necessary
            to place before any men I have to see in regard to taking share in the

            Yesterday I called upon two men of importance in this city.
            Either of them would be an important factor in floating
            the loan, and they told me that they would be
            glad to hear more about our plans.  Yours truly,

            [177 words]

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